All about Onurcan Sahin

Who is Onurcan?

I was born in the spring of 1985 while my parents were on duty at southeast of Turkey. I am the first child of the family but not the last. I have a little beautiful sister, Merve.

onurcan young police

Being a child of a police family is hard. It was also as hardest for me as it could be. But I have always appreciated for opportunities I had. I visited many places (cities, countries…). Till the university I went 10 different schools for my primary and secondary school. 

After finishing secondary school I could finally settle down for 4 years. Then I started Istanbul Technical University (ITU - İTÜ) physics engineering department. I had great years and good memories. For masters degree I was accepted to mechanical engineering department, system dynamics and control subject.

For PhD I had a unique chance to live and work in the lovely island Crete. Best years of my life. I miss that piece of land so much. My biggest love.

Now i live in Istanbul and doing R&D.

I like to ride motorcycle and I have a 1974 sky blue VW beetle. These two are the only little fun I have in this big city.